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Welcome to the APA Masterclass Learning Platform.

This is a one week intensive programme where you will be completely immersed in the Masterclass and given a unique insight into producing live action commercials. The course focuses on the key and vital aspects of producing a commercial from the role of a producer, scheduling, budgeting, right through to copyright and contracts.

Industry experts will deliver this extensive content to you through focusing on a selection of the biggest Advertising Commercials produced within the APA Membership.

Each day runs from 9am – 6pm. On the final day, a budgeting workshop is held with over 25 top producers guiding the students in an interactive, all-day session.

You will then complete the Masterclass exam in the following two weeks after the course in your own time, before receiving your certificates.


The applicant is a Production Assistant or a Production Manager at an APA member company who believes they have the potential to produce commercials within twelve months. IPA Members are also applicable for attending the Masterclass. Applicants must have a minimum of 2 years experience within the industry to be eligible for the Masterclass.


The next Masterclass dates are TBC

If you would like to register your interest for the Masterclass then you can do so by clicking on the above ‘Enroll’ button. Once you have been accepted on to the course you will receive a payment link.

Applications have now closed. 


APA Members – £300 +VAT per student.

IPA Members – £500 +VAT per student.

Enrolled Students & Course Materials

If you are now enrolled on the Masterclass course please login above to find all of the course materials and resources that you will need for the entire week. Please check here before each day so you can be fully prepared for each session.


For any further questions regarding the Masterclass please email : [email protected]

£300.00 + VAT