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This two-hour online course is delivered live with an interactive presentation and discussion.

Next Session: July 13, 2022 | 11:00 AM

Do you ever feel that you are under valuing your services and not generating a good margin for your business?

Are you a slave to time-based, fixed fee or commission-based pricing? Do these pricing models really reflect the value you bring and add to the projects you deliver or recognise the value you help generate for your clients’ business?

In the fiercely competitive market today with the increasing challenges and power of procurement, it is harder than ever to protect profit margin when pricing.

This brand new, two-hour online module is a great introduction to understanding how a range of pricing models can be applied in today’s market and will help you identify ways to increase margins.

This course will help you understand the key factors that influence pricing and how to price against the true value you are bringing to your clients. It will explore a range of pricing models in use today and will help you understand which models to use and when while protecting your client relationship and ensuring fair, value-based remuneration.

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the factors that influence pricing

  • Better articulate the value you bring to your clients

  • List the main types of pricing models

  • Learn about some of the pricing models in use in creative businesses today

  • Begin to assess which pricing model(s) are best suited to your client base


This module is best suited for Senior Exec Producers, MDs and Commercial/Finance leads.

The content of this two-hour module has been created by trainers with experience in pricing and negotiation at C-suite level in both client, agency and production organisations. There will be an opportunity to submit questions during the session and some presentation materials will be available afterwards.

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